Tend the body, mend the soul.

Providing beauty services to enhance quality of life for seriously ill people and their caregivers.


Our Mission

Beauty Bus Foundation provides dignity through beauty services and compassionate support to chronically or terminally ill patients and their caregivers.


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What we do


Home Visits

Beauty Bus provides In-Home beauty and grooming services, free of charge to caregivers and people whose illness or condition prevents them from accessing a salon.


Pop-up Salons

Beauty Bus creates Pop-Up Salons where patients and caregivers receive a variety of complimentary beauty and grooming services at hospitals and social service partners.


Bags of Beauty

Beauty Bus gives complimentary Bags of Beauty filled with donated, full-size beauty and grooming products to every client, so the pampering can continue after the visit. 

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Beauty Series

Beauty Series brings Beauty Bus into  hospitals and social service partners on a weekly basis to provide client services and volunteer engagement in a consistent location.


Beauty Bus Educational Series

Deep dives into topics relevant to the Beauty Bus community.

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Beauty Bus Spotlight

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Janet Wilson

"The main thing is making people feel better. It makes my day."

Janet Wilson regularly volunteers her time to give manicures to Beauty Bus clients. "You really enjoy the one-on-one time It's so appreciate dnad so needed. And it makes you feel good!" Janet was one of the first Beauty Bus volunteers and has served clients both at Pop-Up Salons as well as during in-home visits. "I'm so blessed to be able to give back and still have the empathy and the strength to do it."

The time she spends with the in-home clients she sees on a regular basis goes beyond simply providing beauty services. "You develop a relationship," she says, explaining that clients can come to feel like family. "I love bringing smiles to people's faces and giving a little bit of beauty to make someone's day. "It's all about making clients feel great about how they look and that makes you feel great!"

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Get Involved

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The sense of normalcy in a place so far from normal meant so much to all of us. Mom received a haircut, grandma a facial, and Bella a manicure. They gave all of us new energy to face the reality of what was to come. There is something kind and comforting when someone holds your hand or brushes your hair. There is a moment of peace and joyful distraction.
— Ceyonne, client at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital Pop-Up Salon
Even though I’m quadriplegic, can’t speak, swallow, or breathe without the aid of a mechanical vent, and write using my eyes through a communication device, I still want to look my best at all times. Call me vain, but you wouldn’t believe the number of people who see me, look past my wheelchair and ventilator face-mask, and say stuff like, ‘Man, your hair’s getting long.’ I can’t say enough positive things about the Beauty Bus. We found their service so extraordinary and helpful. The world really would be better if their operation was larger.
— Scott, Home Visit Client of Blessed Memory