Next Stop: Beauty Series!

Lindsey at DFCC.jpg

We are excited to welcome Providence Saint John's Health Center and Disney Family Cancer Center to the Beauty Bus Foundation family! Patients and their caregivers — like Lindsey and her mom — are now able to enjoy Beauty Bus services on a weekly basis at two local hospitals. Every week, the Beauty Bus team visits patients and their caregivers at each location to provide complimentary beauty services.

As Lindsey, a Disney Family Cancer Center patient shared, “We met Elena and Virginia. Two lovely ladies who gave mom the TLC she deserved... Mom has been giving herself regular manicures for FOREVER. I've never seen her get her nails done professionally. Elena did an amazing job, and mom couldn't stop looking at her nails driving me home. They generously gave her the bottle of nail color she picked, a top coat, and a nail file. I love that she can use this color again, and remember this treat.

"Caregivers need care too," Lindsey went on to say. "I’m all warm and fuzzy that I could connect mom with an hour of pure pampering thanks to the Beauty Bus Foundation.”

It was great to meet you Lindsey! Let the warm and fuzzy feelings continue!

bonnie kleiger