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Day of Beauty for Veteran Women • Pop-Up Salon video


“My favorite part about today, I think, was just the feeling of being able to be relaxed and to be able to talk about things that a lot of women veterans go through, but don’t necessarily speak about in public.”

Share in the joy of these women veterans as they relax with some beauty and papering at this pop-up salon in conjunction with Blushington and Brentwood School!


Maribel • home visit client


"Human contact! I was looking forward to contact with other people!"

On a late summer morning, Maribel greeted Beauty Bus Lead Beauty Professional, Elena Vazquez, and Beauty Bus Volunteer, Sybrena Miles with great excitement. As a longtime Beauty Bus client, Maribel knew just what to expect. She  looked forward to getting her neglected nails freshened up and she knew there were goodies to examine in her Bag of Beauty. But the big treat? Maribel was most excited to chat with her visitors.

"I've been stuck in the house the last three or four months. The heat makes my condition worse, so it's very difficult to get out," she explained. After setting up and settling in, the conversation among the women ranged from the heat, to summer haircuts, family dynamics, old boyfriends, funky genetics, and ants.

Maribel conveyed the challenge facing many people who live with serious illness: isolation. Beauty Bus is proud to support people who are going through a difficult time. There is magic in bringing the outside world in to people who are isolated. We often hear that it makes people feel "more human" and "more normal." And we think that's more beautiful!


Janet Manicure 4.jpg

Janet Wilson • volunteer

"The main thing is making people feel better. It makes my day."

Janet Wilson regularly volunteers her time to give manicures to Beauty Bus clients. "You really enjoy the one-on-one time It's so appreciate and so needed. And it makes you feel good!" Janet was one of the first Beauty Bus volunteers and has served clients both at Pop-Up Salons as well as during in-home visits. "I'm so blessed to be able to give back and still have the empathy and the strength to do it."

The time she spends with the in-home clients she sees on a regular basis goes beyond simply providing beauty services. "You develop a relationship," she says, explaining that clients can come to feel like family. "I love bringing smiles to people's faces and giving a little bit of beauty to make someone's day. It's all about making clients feel great about how they look. And that makes you feel great!"

Janet Manicure 1.jpg


Lindsey • Beauty Series Client

"Caregivers need care, too."

We are excited to welcome Providence Saint John's Health Center and Disney Family Cancer Center to the Beauty Bus Foundation family! Patients and their caregivers — like Lindsey and her mom — are now able to enjoy Beauty Bus services on a weekly basis at two local hospitals. Every week, the Beauty Bus team visits patients and their caregivers at each location to provide complimentary beauty services.

As Lindsey, a Disney Family Cancer Center patient shared, “We met Elena and Virginia. Two lovely ladies who gave mom the TLC she deserved... Mom has been giving herself regular manicures for FOREVER. I've never seen her get her nails done professionally. Elena did an amazing job, and mom couldn't stop looking at her nails driving me home. They generously gave her the bottle of nail color she picked, a top coat, and a nail file. I love that she can use this color again, and remember this treat.

"Caregivers need care too," Lindsey went on to say. "I’m all warm and fuzzy that I could connect mom with an hour of pure pampering thanks to the Beauty Bus Foundation.”

It was great to meet you Lindsey! Let the warm and fuzzy feelings continue!


Beauty drive 2018 spotlight video


"If everyone got out of their safe space, and came and did something like this more often, we'd be in a great space."

This video, debuted at Beauty Drive 2018, gives a look at the lives that are touched at a Beauty Bus Pop-Up Salon that was held at Ronald McDonald House Los Angeles. Then, we tag along as Beauty Bus volunteers bring beauty home to a client and caregiver.

A Day in the life of a pop-up salon

"You can't go through every moment of your life looking like a cancer patient."

Take a look at what goes into a Pop-Up Salon at City of Hope. As the volunteers come together to create an oasis for patients and their caregivers who fight cancer every day, there's a ray of hope where you might not expect it.