Beauty Bus Turns 10!

TEN YEARS AGO Beauty Bus was founded in honor of Melissa Marantz Nealy, a bright and loved young woman who became homebound due to a neuromuscular disease.

The Marantz family arranged in-home haircuts, manicures and facials treatments that made her feel “human again”. After Melissa’s life was cut short at 28, her family founded Beauty Bus to bring the gift of beauty and compassion to other families in need. As a result, a beautiful mission has turned into a decade of beautiful impact.


Let’s look back at ten years of growth:

2009 — Beauty Bus’s humble calling to provide beauty services for the seriously ill and their caregivers began and 11 home visits were performed in our first year.

2010 — The number of home visits exploded to a total of 69, and the original 13 clients grew to almost 200! This was also the first year of Beauty Drive and the year Oprah acknowledged Beauty Bus Foundation one of “3 Programs Prove[ing] that Beauty is More Than Skin Deep.”

2011 — Moving into 2011 with Oprah’s seal of approval, Beauty Bus set an ambitious goal of performing 1,000 services for 350 clients and launched a new program: Pop-Up Salons. Beauty Bus surpassed that goal, performing 1,200 beauty and grooming services for more than 600 clients at 173 home visits and 18 Pop-Up Salons!


2012 — Beauty Bus had grown into a staff of 5, a board of 9 and completed 2,600 services through in-home visits and pop-up salons.

2013 — Beauty Bus hit a significant milestone by delivering more than 10,000 bags of beauty to clients and caregivers.  

2014 — Beauty Bus completed a record number of home visits, performing 690 services for 560 different clients on 450 visits.

2015 — Beauty Bus reached yet another record by serving over 1,500 clients!

2016 — Beauty Bus launched the Beauty Series program at Providence Saint John’s Health Center and Disney Family Cancer Center, which offers beauty services to clients on a weekly basis, allowing each patient to enjoy up to 4 services per year. Beauty Series completed 27 days of beauty services within the first year.

2017 — Beauty Bus celebrated what would have been Melissa’s 40th birthday and our incredible volunteers donated a record amount of their time and talent, totaling over 2,700 hours!

2018 — Last year Beauty Bus achieved another incredible milestone: completing 15,000 Beauty Services.

2019 – It’s now ten years later and Beauty Bus has completed more than 16,500 services to over 13,000 clients and distributed more than 51,000 bags of beauty. In addition, the Beauty Bus network now compromises of 19 social service partners, 16 corporate sponsors, and more than 300 volunteers.

Beauty Bus is grateful to have touched thousands of lives over the last decade by performing beauty services for patients and their caregivers. Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, Beauty Bus will continue to make an impact forever on!

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